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About Wm. Blaine Price DO

About Tulsa, OK

Dr. Price is board certified in Family Practice with many years of experience as a primary care physician and in hormone replacement therapy. He founded Center For Men to provide optimized medical wellness services to each patient so they can achieve their full potential. He and his staff build the foundation of health first and foremost by getting to know you, the client, and your current state as well as your goals and concerns. Only then can an individualized program entirely focused on you be put into place. The approach is systems based and holistic, with attention to every aspect of your health, environment, and relationships. Dr. Price specializes in male testosterone replacment, thyroid deficiencies, erectile optimization, prostate health, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments as well as supplements and peptide therapy.   Being physician owned and operated, we place your wellbeing above all else while providing an experience second to none.